Current Projects

These are the ongoing projects with Huggable Happiness Corp. More projects are “incubating” and being organized for the future!

Cuddly Cubbies

When coming up with ideas to how we could help hospitals, we wanted to create a unique idea. Our inspiration came from a girl who was in the hospital a few times. While in the hospital, she got many things and wanted  something to carry them around with except a backpack. After discussing with friends and inspiring English teachers, we came up with the idea of CuddlyCubbies. Cuddly Cubbies are pillow cases with pockets. They are comfortable in the lap and easily portable. Huggable Happiness Corp, packages and distributes the CuddlyCubbies with toys, games, coloring books, movies, and other fun things that are useful for multiple age levels.

Currently we have donated over 100 in the last year. Our goal for 2018 is to donate 2,000 Cuddly Cubbies to the local children hospitals in our community.

 Huggable Happiness gives CuddlyCubbies to local hospitals. Each Cuddly Cubby is hand sewn. By donating you are helping fundi the toys, pillows, and supplies used to make a CuddlyCubby. 



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Incubating Projects:


Giving to Guatemala: Launching in July 2018

Huggable Happiness Corp has partnered with a company called Generation to Generation Network which is based in Guatemala City. We will be impacting families and youth that live and depend on the garbage dump in Chimaltenango (a town located 35 miles away to the west of Guatemala City.) We will be designing a care-package, we will put essential items such as toiletries and clothes for the families and toys for the children. There are currently 1,000 families in need, our goal is to send 1,000 care packages to each family. 

If you have any questions or want to get involved please contact:


Generation Imagination: Launching in June-July 2018

Generation Imagination plans to influence, inspire and inform teenagers to break expectation stereo-typically placed on this generation and make a tangible impact in their society, through the use of media and social media platforms. Our goals with this project are to…

1) Influence change: The main goal for Generation Imagination is to influence change within the teenage community across the globe. In these times, there is so much pain and confusion within society. Generation Imagination vision is to influence and inspire  teenagers to impact, help or better the ideals in society today. Teenagers can do so much more in communities and society, but they need some help getting started. We will be that push, that will start a avalanche of change. We want to start of movement of teenagers who want to be different, help the community, and be the change that our society needs, and be our nation’s future leaders.  


2) Showcase Change: We acknowledge that be different can be lonely, and sometimes it feels like you are trying to empty the ocean using a cup. We want to showcase teenagers who are being the change in society. This will show others that others are doing the same thing, and can inspire more teens to do the same. 

We will be using social media platforms such as instagram, twitter, and youtube to produce weekly content that will complete these goals. We want to inspire teens to make a impact and change society and the world. 


If you have any questions about this project or want to get involved check out the Volunteer Opportunity page or email: