Cuddly Cubbies

When coming up with ideas to how we could help hospitals, we wanted to create a unique idea. Our inspiration came from a girl who was in the hospital a few times. While in the hospital, she got many things and wanted  something to carry them around with except a backpack. After discussing with friends and inspiring English teachers, we came up with the idea of CuddlyCubbies. Cuddly Cubbies are pillow cases with pockets. They are comfortable in the lap and easily portable. Huggable Happiness Corp, packages and distributes the CuddlyCubbies with toys, games, coloring books, movies, and other fun things that are useful for multiple age levels. Currently we have donated over 100 in the last year. Our goal for 2018 is to donate 2,000 Cuddly Cubbies to the local children hospitals in our community.


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Team Building/ Give Back Events.

Recently the Huggable Happiness Corp team introduced what we call Team Building Activities/ Give Back EveThese types of events tangibly fulfill Huggable Happiness’ mission, which is a dream come true for our team. Before a team building event, teenagers come together to sew the Cuddly Cubbies that will be packaged at that event. This act of service is crucial to the events success, but also provides opportunities for these teenagers utilize the talents they were given toward the communities good. The sewn pillow cases are then brought to the event along with the toys and stuffing, where the group sponsoring the event gets to stuff the pillows, sew them shut and then pack them with toys. After being packed a card is put in the Cuddly Cubby stating, “Here is a Special Gift for You!” Our team takes pride in these events. We love partnering with other companies and groups in our community, and when partnering we are tying together each part of the community. We are empowering teens by providing opportunities for them to utilize their talents while serving, but also allows companies and other groups to give back to the community who helped build them! If you are interested in sponsoring a Team Building Workshop/ Give Back Event contact: