Our Vision

What is S.I.C.I.?

With the mission of “empowering youth to make a tangible impact on society while fulfilling their entrepreneurial and philanthropic dreams.” Huggable Happiness Corp. has continually strived to engage the youth in Hamilton County. We have noticed an increasing problem in Indiana; over 17% of the student population lives in a lifestyle of poverty! Huggable Happiness Corp. was shocked by this number. We have decided that we want to help impact these poverty levels, as well as incorporate students from different communities in Indiana! We developed a project called Serving Impoverished Children in Indiana (SICI) and with the help of the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation we are able to launch this project within Hamilton County! With this project, we are packing bags of food/snack items to distribute to local schools which will then distribute to their students who would benefit from them. We are so thankful for the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation for funding this project! We hope to make a lasting impact on our community, as well as participate in the Global Youth Service day April 12- 14th.

We are ending childhood hunger! Are you in? 

Current Partners:

– Fall Creek Elementary School

How Can You Help?

-Donate Nonperishable snack items!

-Contact Luke Gilligan (luke.gilligan@huggablehappiness.org) for the other service opportunities you can be involved with!

– Participate in the Global Youth Service Day!